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KTH Royal Institute of Technology MSc Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

MSc Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology

Stockholm, Suedia

2 Years


La zi

Aug 2024

SEK 342.000 / per year *

În campus

* non-EU/EEA/Swiss is 342,000 SEK.


The master's programme in Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology provides a deep understanding of how to design and operate state-of-the-art life science-based processes with respect to product quality, sustainability and finance. Graduates have the competencies and skills to use cells, cell components and biomolecules to produce commodities such as chemicals, food, biofuels, clean water or soil and biomaterials for the development of a sustainable society.

Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology at KTH

The two-year programme comprises advanced courses regarding biotechnological tools used for developing industrial processes, sustainable production of commodities and the impact of such operations on the environment and society. The education provided is based on our world-leading research at KTH, is comprehensive and prepares you for future careers in Sweden or internationally in the private and public sectors.

The programme offers three tracks to provide specialisation within a particular industrial biotechnology field: cell-based process biotechnology, enzyme technology and environmental biotechnology. You can tailor your education by choosing one track and complementing it with courses from other tracks or biotechnology courses from other master's programmes. It is also possible to cherry-pick courses from any track to create your unique professional profile.

Courses contain both theoretical knowledge and practical applications on topics ranging from fundamental science, experimental design, production, analysis and life cycle assessment. The curriculum provides a cross-platform approach to enable you to acquire unique and individualised expertise that appeals to many employers. You train problem-solving skills, project management as well as professional communication. During the last semester of the programme, you work on a master's degree project in a research setting at KTH, in industry or in a university or research institute anywhere in the world to acquire specialisation within a relevant topic.

The programme curriculum is designed, taught and continuously updated by a team of internationally recognised professors and researchers within the different subject areas, in collaboration with representatives from the private sector. The programme is given by the School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health in Stockholm with access to facilities, infrastructure and instrument park available at the KTH Campus in Stockholm at AlbaNova University Center.



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