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KTH Royal Institute of Technology MSc Engineering Materials Science
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

MSc Engineering Materials Science

Stockholm, Suedia

2 Years


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Aug 2024

SEK 342.000 / per year *

În campus

* non-EU/EEA/Swiss is 342,000 SEK.


The master's programme in Engineering Materials Science has a cross-functional approach, focusing on the understanding of existing materials, processes and applications, as well as the development of new ones. Students can specialise in Industrial Materials, Materials and Process Design, or Sustainable Materials. Graduates have valuable expertise in materials science needed in many industries and sectors, for example, manufacturing, automotive and energy.

Engineering Materials Science at KTH

Engineering Materials Science is a broad and interdisciplinary field that studies the processes, structures, properties, and applications of materials. It has a long history that dates back to ancient times, but also a dynamic and evolving present driven by new discoveries and challenges. Metallic materials have the potential to revolutionise various domains such as energy, medicine, communication, transportation, and defence. Sweden has a strong tradition of Engineering Materials Science with breakthrough innovations in the field, such as fossil-free steel that seeks to entirely eliminate CO2 emissions throughout the value chain from mining to steel production. Steel is, without a doubt, one of the most important materials in human society, and its uses range from low-tech to very high-tech applications. Due to its importance, a vast amount of research has been and continues to be produced within the field. As such, it is also an excellent "model material" from which we can understand other metallic materials. Materials science at KTH has a very high ranking among universities in the world. At the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, state-of-the-art research involving the processes, structures and properties of steel is being performed.

Through the programme in Engineering Materials Science, you will get an excellent knowledge of metallic materials' processes, structures and properties. Furthermore, you have great flexibility to tailor your studies towards some profile of choice. These profiles serve as guidelines and have been constructed in collaboration with various industrial and academic partners that need specific knowledge in the Engineering Materials Science field. Topics like casting, metal forming, powder metallurgy (additive manufacturing), experimental methods, quantum metallurgy (ab initio), team leadership, project management, economical process analyses and product innovation, combustion in industrial processes, and energy and materials sustainability, corrosion and surface protection are all vital parts of the programme. This gives the education both a large width and knowledge and skills with a deep technical depth.

This is a two-year programme (120 ECTS credits) given in English. Graduates are awarded the degree of Master of Science. The programme is given mainly at KTH Campus in Stockholm by the School of Industrial Engineering and Management (at KTH).



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