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KTH Royal Institute of Technology MSc Communication Systems
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

MSc Communication Systems

Stockholm, Suedia

2 Years


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Aug 2024

SEK 342.000 / per year *

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* non-EU/EEA/Swiss is 342,000 SEK.


The master's programme in Communication Systems focuses on wired and wireless network infrastructure, services and applications, and explores how the growth of the internet creates new business ideas and ventures. Students learn the fundamental design principles of different networks and novel innovations such as cloud computing, internet-of-things, tactile internet, and 5G. Graduates develop secure and sustainable systems and services for the next generation.

Communication Systems at KTH

Communication networks have evolved dramatically over recent decades. Accommodating the data traffic generated by billions of users and trillions of digital devices requires continuous technological evolution. Innovative internet and wireless infrastructure will be needed to cater for these challenging and unprecedented growth and performance characteristics. The master's programme in Communications Systems will prepare you for a career in such an essential field for our society.

The programme takes a holistic view of different network infrastructures and their services and applications and covers the topics required to develop communication systems for the next generation. The programme also covers novel concepts and issues, the current trends in communication systems such as cloud computing, software-defined networking, 5G mobile network technology, internet of things and tactile internet. You will also learn about the fundamental design principles behind wired and wireless networks, which have enabled explosive growth and have, in turn, stimulated the introduction of new business ideas and ventures.

The first study period consists of mandatory core courses, which provide in-depth knowledge in communication systems and networks. The programme continues with specialisation tracks that consist of mandatory courses and a wide range of elective courses, allowing the student to specialise within one of the programme’s subject areas. Many courses are problem-oriented, with self-directed and project-based work. The fourth semester is devoted to a master's degree project. The purpose of this degree project is for students to demonstrate the skills they have acquired during the programme by applying them to solving real problems. The topic of the degree project may be suggested by a faculty member, an external agency, an industry collaborator, or the student, but should be relevant to the focus of the course work and must be approved as a topic by the potential degree project examiner.
During the programme, you work in a research environment with ample experimental resources and close contact with the industry – including leading system manufacturers, service developers and providers, and advanced early adopters.

The programme offers three specialisation tracks: Internetworking, Wireless Networking, and Security and Mobile Computing.


In this specialisation, you will develop skills related to the fundamental design behind the internet, including services and applications. You will learn how to apply network function virtualisation and software-defined networking technologies to the design and operation of telecommunication networks.

Wireless Networking

In this specialisation, you will develop skills to analyse and design different communication systems and apply electromagnetic signal propagation principles, wireless transmission techniques, protocols, standards and technologies to build secure and efficient wireless communication systems and the internet of things. You will gain hands-on communication systems knowledge with software-defined radio.

Security and Mobile Computing

In this specialisation, you will develop skills related to product development and services for modern cloud and mobile computing platforms and how to do this securely.

This is a two-year programme (120 ECTS credits) given in English. Graduates are awarded the degree of Master of Science. The programme is given mainly at KTH Kista campus in Stockholm by the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (at KTH).



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